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Refine Vehicle Protection Packages

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Did You Know?

Customers that found this page valuable also liked our 3M Clear Film Protection information as well so we've included it below:

The clear film protection has become very popular in the last few years due to major dealerships such as Porsche and BMW using the product on their paint surface.

Advantages include:  Superclear film which doesn't interfere with the paint colour & the film is subtle (can barely tell it's even there).

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Vehicle Protection Package Options:

The "Complete Protection Package"

It's no secret that one of the largest personal investments we make as individuals are the cars that we drive.  In fact, the investment we put into our vehicles are typically second only to the homes that we live in. 

And given the amount of time we spend in our vehicles, it only makes sense that we spend both time and money to maintain these investments.

And we do...

The diverse, unpredictable and often harsh weather of Edmonton and surrounding Alberta should serve as a constant reminder that our vehicles are under additional pressure from an often inhospitable environment.

We offer a protection package that compensates for this hostile environment & slows the effects of aging...

It's a package that addresses both the interior & exterior of the car including: Undercoating, rust & paint guard, spill block

What is the Refine Undercoating?

  • Prevents corrosion from the road
  • Protects by sealing the undercarriage from harmful effects of road salt, dirt, gravel and other debris.
  • Shielding effects for heat and cold
  • Reduces road noise: much quieter ride overall

What is the refine rust protection?

  • Protects and cover metals, keeping moisture away
  • Seals out corrosion (rust) in hoods, doors, trunk lids, tailgates, fenders & quarter panels
  • High-pressure application ensures that all hard to access inner surfaces are protected
  • Refine rust protection is a premium coating that substantially extends the life of your vehicle!

What is the refine paint protection?
  • Prevents ultra-violet rays
  • Shields against acid rain
  • Protects paint from deteriorating
  • Keep off surface corrosion
  • Maintain that new car shine



What is the Refine Interior Protection?

  • Prevent Spills from soaking into fabrics
  • Therefore stop stains before they start
  • Simple clean up - Pop, OJ, Coffee, Mud Stains
  • Leather Protection conditions & preserves leather from cracking even for vinyl and plastic too


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