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Refine Division: Vehicle/Auto Detailing

We offer various package to renew your old car to bring it back to life!

Power Polishing:
Why do people polish their cars? Is it only to make it look nice?

People polish their cars for various types of reasons not only it makes it look nice, it actually protects your paint surfaces by bonding the clear coat and paint at an even level.

Example: When you cut your hands with an open wound you patch it up with a Band-Aid to prevent further infections. Same type of idea on your paint surface...

When would I know to polish a car?
Generally you should do a full power polish once a year, if the paint is feeling rough chances are it needs a good polish due to harsh climates and scratches from unknown causes.

Interior Steam Clean:

Why should I do that? (my vacuum does the job - right?)

Vacuuming and steam cleaning are two different things. When vacuuming you only take various debris  away dust, rocks, etc. Steam cleaning actually cleans the carpets due to stains from food & beverages to dirt stains.

With so much bacteria and germs all around us how often are we inside our vehicles driving and breathing in that old slice of pizza in the back seat. Or why do we always complain about that smell in the summer time, could it be an old sock or milk that has started to mold.

When steam cleaning we offer a sanitizer that is used in major hospitals and restaurants to disinfect and kill 99% of germs.

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